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₹ 87.00 / Per kg

Consistency: Honey can be liquid, semi-solid, or solid. The consistency of honey depends on its temperature and the amount of glucose and fructose it contains.
Flavor: Honey can have a variety of flavors, depending on the type of flowers that the bees collect nectar from. Some common honey flavors include floral, fruity, and nutty.
Scent: Honey has a distinctive sweet scent. The scent of honey can be strong or mild, depending on the type of honey.
Moisture content: Honey should have a moisture content of 16-20%.
Ash content: Honey should have an ash content of 0.1-0.2%.
pH: Honey should have a pH of 3.4-4.5.
Specific gravity: Honey has a specific gravity of 1.41-1.44.
Crystallization: Honey can crystallize over time. This is a natural process that does not affect the quality of the honey.
Storage: Honey should be stored in a cool, dry place in an airtight container.