Green Chilli

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Green Chilli

₹ 76.00 / Per kg

A large number of green chili farmers in Maharashtra, our company has agreement with the farmers, and the quality management team in our company guides the farmers from time to time, so that good quality g4 green chilies are produced, and as per the agreement, the g4 green chilies we buy are laboratory tested and it is checked by export parameters and exported after shorting, grading, packing and pre cooling and the rest of the goods are sold in the local market.
our company trades chilies in all states of India, and along with that we also export g4 green chilies, we assure you that if you deal with our company, we will send you premium quality products and we guarantee regular supply.

HS Code:- 07096010
Product Name:- Green Chilli
Verity Name:- G4 Green Chilli
Fruit Colour:- Shining Green
Fruit Size:- 8 To 9 Cm
Per Fruit Weight:- 6 To 8 Gram
Fruit Test:- Spicy
Fruit Shelf Life:- After Harvesting 25 To 30 Dayes, If Proper Temperature Is Maintained,