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₹ 260.00 / Per kg

Shape: Peanuts are typically oval-shaped, but they can also be round or kidney-shaped.
Size: Peanuts can range in size from small to large. The size of peanuts depends on the variety of peanut and the growing conditions.
Texture: Peanuts have a crunchy texture. The texture of peanuts can be affected by the roasting process.
Flavor: Peanuts have a nutty flavor. The flavor of peanuts can be affected by the variety of peanut, the roasting process, and the addition of salt or other seasonings.
Moisture content: Peanuts should have a moisture content of 4-6%.
Ash content: Peanuts should have an ash content of 3-5%.
Broken kernels: Peanuts should have no more than 2% broken kernels.
Foreign matter: Peanuts should be free of foreign matter, such as stones, dirt, or insects.
Storage: Peanuts should be stored in a cool, dry place in an airtight container.