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₹ 34.00 / Per kg

Barley is the mild nutty flavored grain that is covered with bran and an outer shell. There are typically two varieties of barley available – hulled barley and pearl barley. While the hulled barley is more nutritious with just its outer shell removed and bran intact, pearl barley has got both hull and bran removed and hence, is less nutritious comparatively. However, it still has many valuable nutrients required for one’s good health. So, whatever be the form, barley is considered as nutritious grain which has been cultivated and consumed by humans since ages.

Barley is rich source of several vitamins, fiber, protein, iron, minerals and anti-oxidants that benefits human health to the most. A diet including barley can improve one’s digestion, help in controlling blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and can also aid in weight loss.